Cora Kavanagh y su edificio

Marcelo Nougués.

Edition number: 1

ISBN 978-987-88-8094-5
Format: 25 x 31 cm Book.
Binding: Hardcover with book jacket
Pages: 572.

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Edition: Spanish and English
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In January 1936, Cora Kavanagh inaugurated her monumental building facing Plaza San Martín. The 120-meter-high colossus was, at the time, the tallest reinforced concrete building in South America.

The owner of this unique real estate venture was forty-six years old, a widow, and also a millionaire. After living in Europe for over two decades, she decides to sell the inherited land from her late husband to commission the Sánchez, Lagos, and de la Torre studio to design the skyscraper that would become the new symbol of Buenos Aires modernity.

The implausible urban legend that all this enormous effort and investment was solely for the purpose of avenging her ill-intentioned mother-in-law, who did not allow her to marry her son, is part of the investigation in this book. However, Cora Kavanagh's life is not limited to a supposed revenge. She was a meticulous collector of antiques and a prominent figure, always present in the society columns of the time. But above all, she was a bold, independent woman and a great entrepreneur in a time when women of her social standing would not have dared to propose such ventures. This biography of Cora Kavanagh brings to light the story of a lady who, perhaps unintentionally, left one of the most emblematic and cherished buildings in Buenos Aires architecture.

This magnificent volume, printed on special paper with a hardcover, gathers texts, photographs, and mostly unpublished documents in its 572 pages, belonging to the collection that Marcelo Nougués formed over the years. It also includes interesting reproductions of selected images and illustrations from his research work. Additionally, this book includes an appendix with the texts translated into English.