A Coleção Costantini no MAM

Río de Janeiro

Edition number: 1

ISBN 978-987-86-3777-8
Format: 24 x 29.5 cm Book.
Binding: Hardcover, clothbound.
Pages: 320. Printed on Italian paper.

Edition: Portuguese (Brazil)

Editorial design of the book "A Coleção Costantini at MAM São Paulo. 1998."

When the Malba Museum was still a project, Eduardo Costantini already owned one of the most important collections of Latin American art. Through the cultural production work of Miguel Frías, the Eduardo Costantini Foundation exhibited the collection 's artworks at MAM São Paulo and later at MAM Rio de Janeiro.

The book, intended for both exhibitions, was created in two versions, one for each city, with texts by Marcelo Pacheco. The publications have 288 pages for São Paulo and 352 pages for Rio de Janeiro, respectively. For the covers, we chose "Abaporu" by Tarsila do Amaral and "La Festa de São João" by Cándido Portinari.

The books were printed in Santiago, Chile, where I traveled to deliver the phototypes for printing.