The Romance of the Dress

Agustina Böhtlingk

Edition number: 1

ISBN 978-987-88-8721-0
Format: 23 x 31 cm book. Depth 2 cm.
Binding: Hardcover.
Pages: 160.

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Edition: English
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The Romance of the Dress is an extraordinary book. And it becomes indispensable the farther it moves away from any style manual or fashion guide. In its pages you will find a collection of images of the fifteen years of work that Agustina Böhtlingk dedicated to haute couture. You will also find a series of stories about Agustina's adventures and her designs, threaded with autobiographical overtones, full of subtle irony, elegance and touches of eccentricity. The object of desire in all the stories is always the same: the iconic and traditional “wedding dress.” However, the author's view is not at all conventional. Her prose surprises us at every turn, passing from the divas of classic Hollywood films, through the sumptuous Chrysler building, to the gaze of a cat in Milan, and plunges us into the desperate search for a new material, always as light as the falls of silk, as precise as the bias cuts and invisible stitches that fascinate her, and as luminous as the lace that her brides dream of. The author perfectly blends her narrative talent with her passion for design, displaying images and stories that delicately envelop us like a dress.

Agustina Böhtlingk takes the brides by the hand, guides them and encourages them to enjoy the fittings and the whole wedding ritual, from the engagement to the ceremony. She encourages them to break free from convention. The Romance of the Dress celebrates the beauty and declaration of “Yes, I do” at the altar of creation, and that is why it is destined to become a classic.

This book is printed in Rives Sensation Tactile paper. Features 55 photographs from different photographers like Ángela Copello, Ariel Novak, Bárbara Ruffini, Carlos von der Heyde, Ezequiel Díaz Ortiz, Francisca Sánchez Terrero, Jean Marc Manson, José Pereyra Lucena, Laura Ferro, Sara Sibio and Zelmira Frers.

Editorial direction: Ezequiel Díaz Ortiz y Agustina Böhtlingk
Literary edition: Ernesto Montequin
Edition: Díaz Ortiz Ediciones