Gowland Moreno

Una constante búsqueda de lo expresivo.

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ISBN 978-987-33-4857-0
Format: 29 x 23 cm Book.
Binding: Softcover.
Pages: 372, printed on Italian paper with fold-outs.

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"Gowland Moreno. Una constante búsqueda de lo expresivo" offers a journey through the work of Luis Gowland Moreno (1902-1971), an experienced landscape artist of the 1940s and a significant practitioner of collage in the 1960s. The book not only examines his artistic production, developed between the 1920s and the late 1960s, but also recontextualizes his figure within the local art scene. It is structured around an introductory essay that reviews his insertion in the Argentine artistic field, along with four essays that analyze his artistic productions.

The first two essays focus on his figurative work, including the human figure, portraits, still life, and landscapes. The last two essays delve into the renewal of his artistic language through his works within informalist and constructive abstraction, as well as collage, both in his figurative and non-figurative series.

Profusely illustrated and bilingual, this book also includes a catalog of the artwork found to date, a comprehensive chronological account, and the transcription of "El Collage," a book written and published by Luis Gowland Moreno in 1968. Authors: Cristina Rossi and Cecilia Rabossi.