Ma vie à Buenos Aires

Clement Le Coz

Edition number: 1

ISBN 978-987-86-9640-9
Format: 15 x 21 cm Book.
Binding: Softcover.
Pages: 120.

Edition: English
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Ma vie à Buenos Aires is an art book with a focus on fashion, highlighting the chic places and the characters that are part of the cultural, aesthetic, and poetic scene of the city of Buenos Aires.

It is a book about the city curated through the eyes of a Parisian, providing the reader with culinary recommendations, such as where to go for lunch or to enjoy the famous Parisian apéritif, as well as romantic and fashion-related suggestions, like where to find a beautiful bouquet des fleurs or where to buy a gift for a girlfriend.

Throughout different chapters, I encounter individuals who contribute to Buenos Aires' cultural, culinary, and aesthetic scene, such as Francis Mallmann, Pablo Rivero, and Ambassador Archibaldo Lanús. Ma vie à Buenos Aires is a book where fashion photography predominates. Subtly, it showcases looks created with Argentine brands, which I recommend in the book.

The book is written in English and is intended for foreigners who want to explore Buenos Aires through the experiences of another foreigner who knows the city very well, or for Argentinians who want to see the city from a French perspective (my wife, a porteña, says that I know the city better than she does).