Vechi Logioio

Edition number: 1

ISBN 978-987-33-5857-9
Format: 27 x 21 cm Book.
Binding: Hardcover, clothbound.
Pages: 72. Printed on Italian paper.

Edition: English
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This book proposes a visual journey through five sculptures by the artist Vechy Logioio. The photographs, mostly in detail, were taken by Facundo de Zuviría. The images of various shapes are accompanied by short texts by writers such as Antonio Prete or Ángel Bonomini, with whom Vechy joined forces in 1974. "Drawing in the air until the sound of the stroke becomes silence" or "Perfect nakedness, transparent silence, limpid absence, intact solitude" are some quotes from the poet published in this book. The monumental bronze sculptures by Vechy Logioio were also conceived through a poetic gaze that is inherent in their profound and subtle essence. Hence, the artist named her works "Forma del Aire" (Form of Air), "Mare Clausum" (Closed Sea), or "Juegos del Viento" (Games of the Wind). Her interest and travels to North Africa were also decisive. The desert, vast spaces, the sea, and the plains inspired these essential forms.

Vechy Logioio is Argentine. She trained as a painter in Turin under the guidance of master Felice Casorati. She later attended workshops by Emilio Pettoruti, Horacio Butler, and Santiago Cogorno. In 1996, she held her first exhibition of sculptures. She has exhibited in Argentina, the United States, Spain, Venezuela, Uruguay, and Mexico.

This book was presented alongside an exhibition of her works at the Rubbers Gallery in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2014. Logioio Sculptures Design: Ezequiel Díaz Ortiz.