El asombro sostenido.

Edition number: 1

ISBN 978-987-88-6493-8
Format: 24.5 x 31 cm Book.
Binding: Hardcover.
Pages: 344.

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Edition: English
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Aberastury is a book dedicated to the life and work of the notable Argentine visual artist Gabriela Aberastury.

The volume reproduces over 300 pieces from her prolific artistic oeuvre, spread across more than 344 pages, encompassing painting, drawing, monotypes, objects, illustrations, collages, artist's books, comic strips, and limited editions. The cloth-bound hardcover book features a combination of illustration paper and special Italian paper for the reproduction of drawings and prints.

The meticulous reproduction of the artworks has garnered numerous praises from critics, Aberastury colleagues, and the reading public. The texts that enrich this publication are written by Mariano Cornejo, Rafaela Squirru, Horacio Bauer, Carlos Barbarito, and Julio Sánchez Gil. Maximiliano Rizzi performed the English translation as the edition is bilingual. Additionally, photographs by Eduard Golbin, Fedora Aberastury, Pablo Magaldi, Carlos Parera, María Colombo, and Juan Carlos Pubill are included. The book design was carried out by Ezequiel Díaz Ortiz and his team.