Galeses en Argentina

Edition number: 1

ISBN 978-987-86-3777-8
Format: 24 x 29.5 cm Book.
Binding: Hardcover, clothbound.
Pages: 320. Printed on Italian paper.

Edition: English
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In July 2015, the British Parliament hosted a week-long historic photography exhibition dedicated to Welsh immigration in Argentina. Entitled "The Welsh in Patagonia: a century and a half of history / Y Wladfa - celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Welsh settlement in Argentina", the exhibition included the publication of this catalogue with 60 photographs by the prestigious Argentine photographer Marcos Zimmermann, who travelled especially to the Welsh communities in Patagonia to carry out this work organized by the Argentine Embassy with the support of the Government of Chubut, grouped under the categories Landscapes, Daily life, Symbols and Portraits.