Sin desperdicio - cocina circular

Laura Di Cola.

Edition number: 1

ISBN 978-987-88-5817-3
Format: 20 x 25.5 cm Book.
Binding: Softcover.
Pages: 188.

Edition: English
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Food is sacred, a whole. Each of its parts has a reason for being, a value, and sometimes customs need to be reinvented for the sake of well-being.

Laura Di Cola utilizes every part of the food, and through these pages, she invites us to join her proposal. Making plant-based milk from melon seeds, using vegetable peels to make chips, extracting the juice from pineapple peels, not wasting the enormous amount of fiber in kiwi skin, using cherry pits to make a syrup, using mango pits for tea, making vinegar from strawberry tops, creating the best pastries with legumes, and even learning to incorporate wild herbs into cooking.

This book is for all those who want to change their habits, break with traditions, and immerse themselves in this revolutionary and restless world that proposes new, different, and healthier ways. We must overcome the fear that "peels are trash," that "pits are thrown away," or that "that part is not edible."

We must innovate, break with the established, and seek new ways to incorporate everything from vegetables, which ultimately, is the healthiest part!